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Bringing a delightful spin to the concept of boutique ice cream, Ice Dream is the newest and
the most colorful member of the Golf family and it features the widest range of products with tempting flavors.

With its formula of excellent flavors, the joy of Ice Dream spills over ice cream cups, engulfing parlors and streets and reaching those who yearn to savor the sublime bliss of a tiny treat.

Ice Dream was made in the style of Italian artisan ice cream. Its menu offers a variety of dreams full of fun and flavors that appeal to all tastes, from its color to its toppings and garnishes

Ice Dream! A source of endless happiness for ice cream lovers in all seasons, displaying a visual feast of legendary flavors with elegant and chic presentations, available at pastry shops, hotels,restaurants, shopping malls and many more places, and also in 5.5 liter exclusive packaging.