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Bringing a delightful spin to the concept of boutique ice cream, Ice Dream is the newest and the most colorful member of the Golf family and it
features the widest range of products with tempting flavors. With a
charming name that echoes the sensation of delight, Ice Dream “is not just
an ice cream; it is an ice cream dream.” You will be amazed with every
spoonful, with your amazement turning into pure delight – you will wish
for this dream not to end.
This summer, with its unique and superior collection, Ice Dream presents
you the dreamy joy of ice cream.
With its formula of excellent flavors, the joy of Ice Dream spills over ice
cream cups, engulfing parlors and steets and reaching those who yea
to savor the sublime bliss of a tiny treat. With Ice Dream, what’s on offer is
much more than just an ice cream, since it is the kind of product that will
make those with good taste ask, “Can I have another ?”Ice Dream was made in the style of Italian artisan ice cream. Its menu
offers a variety of dreams full of fun and flavors that appeal to all tastes,
from its color to its toppings and garnishes. The superior, delicious,
appealing, and fun Ice Dream is the premium ice cream and fruit ice
cream brand that offers exceptional flavors with the finest ingredients
every season.
A wealth of yummy flavors with 21 types
of ice creams to relish, only from Ice uclu


These ice creams are set to become essential items in the scorching summer heat with cool, tasty and enticing ingredients, dressings and fruit pieces.

Create wonders in the kitchen with the
harmony of desserts and ice creams, uclu

each more delicious than the last.

Tasty desserts that are transformed in more color and fun with Ice Dream recipes.
Ice Dream turns ice cream into a dream, and dessert time into a feast.

Fun flavors with Ice Dream


How would you like to personalize your ice cream with the diverse flavors of Ice Dream?
Create special moments for both yourself and your loved ones by transforming the most exclusive Ice Dream flavors.

Timeless Happiness

It is known that everyone derives happiness from a healthy, fun, timeless and uniting ice cream.
The sure-fire way to enjoy life, ice cream unites people of all ages under one common ground.

Special Menu Cards

Ice Dream special menu cards ensure more
effective sales.
Customers can see in one place Ice Dream’s innovative and heavenly flavors that appeal to all tastes.
This makes it easier both for the seller and the customer.
Menu cards reflect the business quality, also allowing you to analyze and review your customer portfolio.

Tasty and Frequent Presentations

While looking into the world ice cream trends,
we have come to realize that presentation is one of the biggest factors in making the Italians the global leader in ice cream…
Italian ice cream is more appealing, enticing and irresistible with an attractive visual presentation offered on top of rich ingredients.

Hygiene and Health


The safety of the ice cream is maintained by
ensuring hygienic conditions at every stage from production to consumption.
Packaged ice cream produced in a hygienic environment is much healthier and is of much higher quality than ice cream sold without packaging.
The safety of ice creams produced and maintained in hygienic conditions and sold in healthy packaging is certified; it can be bought and consumed without worry.